Cooma Monaro Historic Automobile Club

Approximately 350-400 people attended the sale. 111 registered bidders and over 200 lots sold - Check out the photos from the sale day.

Venue 9 Granite Street, Berridale NSW 2628
Account Cooma Monaro Historic Automobile Club (and outside entries)
Auction Commencing at 10am | Saturday 28th March 2015
Catering Dalgety P & C
Terms Bidding card system | ID required
Payment & Pickup On the day unless otherwise pre-arranged
Payment Methods

Cash & Bank Cheque or (pre-approved) personal cheque For Cheques please click here to register for pre-approval EFTPOS facilities are available on the day, subject to unforeseen circumstances.


Please refer to terms and conditions


1 x 1950's plymouth  "cranbrook"  sedan   (for restoration), 1 x swb series land rover hard top, 2 x land rover seats 1 x mark ii 1958 – zephyr  (does not run), 1 x xy/ xw falcon 500 ute with spares - (runs), 1 x zephyr sedan id plate jg41je model 45973 auto - (runs), 1 x acco truck model 630 1980 colour white 5.5 m tray with steel floor  fitted with hydraulic jib & own power pack, 1 x acco truck model 1850. this vehicle is in final stages of conversion to a tilt recovery truck.  features – * 7.8 m long extended tilt tipping tray,* 10 speed ranger gear box, * detroit "pincher" 205 hp  8.2 l fuel engine – reconditioned * eaton diff,  * headboard, 1 x Yale Gas Forklift,
1 x steel grate   approx 5' x 3', quantity of expandable fence mesh, large square drain sump &  top cover, 2 x circular manhole covers, 1 x large steel drainage grate  1.2 m dia, 1 collar  (unknown composition or usage), 1 x black bull bar, 1 x multi tyre roller with draw bar, 1 x roller door approx 3m, 1 x chain rake spreader, 1 x ½" steel tube 600 mm diam x 900 mm (approx) make excellent roller 1 x orange windrow hay rake, 1 x steel plant earth moving bucket (yellow), 1 x paddock mower (orange), 1 x 200 l drum on steel stand with tap, quantity of cliplock type roofing, quantity of rsj steel incl. 1 x 4 m rsj  6" x  6", 17 x lengths of 150 x 50 mm x 8 m box section steel, 1 x "c" section steel 75 x 35 mm x 4 m long, 2 x "c" section steel 125 x 65 x 8 mm x 9 m long, 1 x "c" section steel 180 x 75 x 4.1 m  long, 3 x 16 mm x 5 m long deformed re bar, 10 x 9 m lengths of cliplock roofing, 35 x 3.9 m, quantity of corrugated roofing iron – various, 1 x steel plate 3mm x 1.0 m x 0.8 m, 1 x "c" section 180 mm  x 75 mm x 4-1m long, 1 x drum hydraulic operated mixer, 1 x stainless steel sink, 3 x 1" steel pipe x 6.5 m long, 2 x steel chequer plate 1.2m x 0.56m x 3 mm, 1x truck fuel tank - black qty vehicle leaf springs, 1 x east/west fwd gear box, 3 x truck tyres 900/20, 1x pto concrete mixer – hydraulic tractor driven, i x small hydraulic tank holder  black, 2 x falcon engines, 1 x 6354 perkins diesel motor, 1 x pallet zephyr parts, 1x set small ramps, 1 x heavy duty jack, 2 x heavy duty adjustable stands, 1 x pump, 1 x 4 stroke stationary engine – seized, 1 x box bucket teeth adapters, 1 x trolley, quantity of poly pipe, 1x pallet agrit limestone,  4 x 20" tubless truck rims, 2 x truck bull bars, 1 x truck rear diff assy, 1 x chrome exhaust stack, 1 x lime green acco 1830b cab c/w windscreen, 2 xy fwd ute body shells c/w suspension & wheels, 2 x shipping containers, (inside shed) 2 pallets  sodium bicarbonate (for use with soda blaster cleaner), sundry tins of paint, pallet containing VW engine (dismantled), wheelbarrow & contents – sundries, hand guillotine,steel bench for welding etc, transmission jack (new), steel stand with halogen work light, adjustable height vehicle oil changer - with drainage pan (new), welding electrodes, scales & sundries, tachometer, holden hub caps, & sundries,large capacity grease gun, engine bearing, & sundries, reflectors, extension cord, & sundries, torque multiplier, roofing screws, tool box, & sundries, cutting discs, heavy duty jack, & sundries, helmet (clear), goggles, drive belt, & sundries, pinch bars, crow bar, silicone, gloves & sundries, electric drop saw – metal cutting, spraygun set, 25 unit container with nuts & bolts, & sundries, paint various aerosol & brushes, assorted filters & hydraulic oil, 2 tool boxes. assorted tools & sockets, oxy gun & regulator set, various high pressure hose, box & bucket of sundries, 2 tap & die set, & steel drills, heavy duty tool box (black), heavy duty vice, 2 drawer filing cabinet, industrial masking tape dispenser & new stand, minimx tool cabinet, 1 ½ rolls alfoil, industrial pressure oil filler (new), 7.5 kw 3 phase air compressor (new), soda blaster (new), transmig350  welder, pallet of oil drums, 4 fold up tables, steel shelving 7 shelf cabinet, portable wash bay, car body rotisserie, 3 jacks, truck tie downs & chains, qty yellow hp hose,trailer jockey wheel, stand, tail light assembly, industrial vacuum cleaner, grease guns, grease, leads, & diesel tuner unit, truck & tilt tray – restoration mostly complete (located inside but detailed in outside items), davey pump, steel roller bench (was used for steel cutting), ford twin seat, vehicle power hoist – 4200 kg capacity, 3 phase, lift height 1800 mm,1 petrol bowser, 29 wine glasses in carton, 5 kegs, 4 piles of sand, gravel & aggregate, possum trap.

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