This is one for the boys!
Clearing sale of assorted workshop & hand tools, pumps, generators, spares, water fittings, pipe fittings, and so much more!!!

A beautiful sunny day with approximately 65 registered bidders, 527 lots sold with over 200 people attending the sale.

Venue 221 Snowy Mountains Highway, Cooma NSW 2630
Account The Trustee for PM & MJ BRIGHT
Inspect 8am on the the day or as otherwise pre-arranged
Register 8am on the day or via pre-registration. To pre-register for this auction, please contact our office and supply a scanned copy of your drivers license.
Auction Commencing at 10am | Saturday 10th December 2016
Catering Rotary Cooma
Terms Bidding card system | ID required
Payment & Pickup On the day
Payment Methods

Cash & Bank Cheque or (pre-approved) personal cheque For Cheques please click here to register for pre-approval EFTPOS facilities are available on the day, subject to unforeseen circumstances.


Please refer to terms and conditions


Mono ss042 rotor, 1.5" column stabilisers, Mono solar pump generator interface, 5x bore caps, 4x shroud adaptors, 1x roll 1" pressure hose, 1x roll ¾"pressure hose, 1.5" grey suction hose, Crusader 32mm flexible riser, 2x 150m rolls 1.5" rural poly pipe, 2x 150m rolls 1.25" rural poly pipe, 1x 200m roll 32mm pn 12.5 poly pipe, Assorted rural pipe fittings, 1x 1½" tee, 4x 1½" bsp miec, 3x 1½" bsp fiec, 1x 1½" joiner, 1x 2" bsp poly, 3x 2" joiners, 3x 2" bsp fiec, 3x 2"x 1½" bsp fiec, 9x 2" x 2" bsp miec, 4x 2" 90° 2" bsp fiec, 1x 2" 90° poly, 4x 1¼"joiners, 4x 1¼"x 1¼" bsp miec, 1x 1¼" 90° 1 ¼" bspfi
2x 1¼" poly tee, 2x 1¼" x 1" bsp miec, 1x 1¼" joiner, 8x 1" x 1" bsp miec, 3x 1" poly tees, 2x 1" x 1" bsp poly tees, 1x 1" 90° x 1" bsp, 1x 1" x ¾" bsp poly tee, Submersible pump motors, Grundfos 1.5kw 240v , Franklin 2.2kw 415v, Franklin 1.5kw 240v , Grundfos 0.55kw 240v ,Franklin 0.75kw 240v
Grundfos 1.5kw 240v submersible motor starter, Grundfos 3 phase submersible pump (new) , Grundfos 1.1kw 240 submersible motor starter, Grundfos cu301 sqe submersible pump controller
Grundfos pm1 pressure pump controller, 2x grundfos pressure transducers, Grundfos 0.75kw 240 cr motor, Grundfos 3kw 415v submersible waste water pump, Grundfos 0.55kw 415 upt 40-120 circulator pump, Grundfos spo 5-55b submersible, Grundfos unilift kp-150 a-1 submersible
Grundfos unilift ap35 b-50 submersible, 1x s/h near new Grundfos 14A – 5 1.5kw 415v submersible pump, 1x 415v 4kw 1450rpm electric motor (new), Davey hs50-06l pump, Davey 125s1-2 pump, Davey xf 171 pump, Davey rainbank controller, Davey torrium t70, Assorted pump seals, Assorted capacitors, Assorted threaded pipe fittings, Assorted davey spares, Assorted grundfos spares, Flow switches, Press control, Tank indicator, Mono spares, Mono 320 strator, Mono 420 strator, Mono ss042 , trator, Assorted metric pipe fittings, 7x 50mm joiners, 3x 50mm 90° x 2" bsp, 3x 50mm 90° x ½" bsp, 1x 50mm 90° poly, 3x 50mm poly 2" bsp tees, 1x 50mm x 2" bsp fiec, 1x 50mm x 1½" bsp fiec, 1x 50mm x 2" bsp miec, 1x 50mm x 1½" bsp miec, 1x 40mm 90° fi 1½" bsp, 6x 40mm joiners, 1x 40mm x 1½" bsp tee, 2x 40mm 90° poly, 1x 40mm 90° x 1½" bsp, 8x 40mm x 1½" bsp fiec, 7x 40mm x 1½" bsp miec, 4x 40mm x 1¼" miec, 1x 40mm x 32mm joiner, 10x 32mm x 1¼" bsp miec, 2x 32mm joiner, 4x 32mm x 1¼" bsp 90°, 2x 25mm 90° poly , 1x 25mm mi x 1" bspec, 9x 25mm x ¾" miec bsp, 1x 63mm x 60mm poly joiner, 1x 63mm x 2" 90° x 2" bsp, 2x 63mm poly joiners repair, Assorted threaded fittings, 16x ¾" mf elbows, 10x ¾" ff elbows, 5x ¾" tees, 12x 1" nipples, 5x 1" 90° mf elbows, 23x 1" nipples, 5x 1" x ¾" nipples, 6x 1" tees, 13x 1" plugs, 15x 32mm unions, 4x 32mm unions, 5x 32mm sockets, 10x 32mm 90° ff elbows, 14x 32mm 90° mf elbows, 9x 32mm tees
22x 32mm nipples, 2x 1¼" x 1" nipples, 12x 1¼" x ¾" bush, 2x 1¼" x 1" bush, 9x 1¼" plugs
25x 1½" nipples, 30x 1½" x 1" nipples, 11x 1½" x 1" sockets, 4x 1½" x 1¼" sockets, 12x 1½" x 1¼" bush, 13x 1½" x ¾" bush, 11x 1½ x 1¼" sockets, 18x 1½ x 1" bush, 14x 1½" 90° ff elbows, 14x 1½" sockets, 17x 1½" unions, 2x 1½" tees, 23x 1½" mf 90° elbows, 4x 1½" tank entry, 11x 1½" x 1¼" nipples, 10x 2" tees, 25x 2" x 1" bush, 7x 2" 90° mf elbows, 11x 2" sockets, 6x 2" x 1½" sockets
40x 2" x 1¼" bush, 13x 2" x 1½" bush, 6x 2" nipples, 14x 2" ff 90° elbows, 2x 2" x 1½" nipples
5x 2" x 1" nipples, 9x 2" plugs, 2" tank entry long, 1x 1¼" 2 level float, 2x apsc trough valves
1x jobe megaflow 1¼", 1x jobe topaz 1¼", 4x floats orange, 1x pressure washer, 1x battery charger, 1x 8" bench grinder, 1x metal cut-off saw, 1x mitre saw, 1x saw bench, Tool box – assorted spanners, screw drivers, etc, 1x dumpy level, 2x welders, 1x air hose reel, 1x hydraulic press, 1x drill press, 1x fusion poly welder, 1x poly pipe ribber/layer, 1x poly pipe un-roller, 1x 2.2kw submersible test pump, 1x 1.1kw submersible test pump, 1x submersible pump lifter, Assorted lifting tools, 1x nail gun (large), 1x secret nail gun, 1x nail gun (small), 1x ½" impact wrench, Die grinder, 1x ratchet spanner, 1x drill, 1x drill 90°, 1x multi-function tool, 1x cut-off tool, 1x sheet metal cutter, 1x router, 1x router table, 1x drill doctor drill sharpener, 1x leak detector, 2x battery drills, 1x southern cross pump (old), Assorted pressure vessels, 1x antique mouldboard plough , Assorted carriage parts, 1x old motor, 2x ditch witch, Quantity of copper wire, 1x cement mixer, Quantity of PVC pressure pipe fittings, Quantity of electro-fusion poly pipe fittings, 1x mig welder, 1x work bench, Assorted shelving, Assorted steel, Assorted poly pipe, 2x farm gates, Assorted scrap steel, Assorted piping, 1x 20ft shipping container, 1x steel ute canopy, 1x alfa romeo alfasud car (runs), Quantity of slate, Iskra AMJ 5730 2.2kw 24v hydraulic power pack

M. BIEDER: 4x 3-phase electric motors (all working), 1x small trailer (unregistered + mower hitch), 1x small trailer (registered), 1x black box trailer, 4x white sunraiser mag wheels

D. BURRIDGE: Tripod pipe vice, Ridgid 1500B electric eel & accessories, Recessed bench top basin w. overflow, Rofrost/Rothenberger pipe freezing kit (never used), Teflon tape, 3x Pressure temperature relief valves, Hand planer, Timber auger kit, Flaring tools, Mini oxy set (complete), Copper tube tee pulling kit, Oxyacetylene hoses & gauges, Rast copper tube expander, Protool electric drill (never used), Yellow electric drill, Electric reciprocal saw (never used), Tool bag, Poly-pipe fittings, clay pipe chain cutter, DAB household constant pressure pump, Pressure pump air cell, DAB submersible pump, Stock trough water controller, High sensitivity LP gas detector, Dumpy level, Magnetic roof bucket, Rinnai refurbished LP gas water heater, Bucket pump (for pressure testing plumbing installations), Gully scoop, Plunger eel, Cable direction elbow, WC pan closet auger, ¾" & 5/8" Pipe benders, Long handled stilson, 2x chain tongs.

J. OOST: 10x Star pickets (2400), 30x Star pickets (1650), Gate frame single (840 x 900), Gate frame pair (1650 x 1500 each), Gate pair (1900 x 1310 each), Gate pair (small), Electric netting (varied condition), Wire spinner, Wire strainer, Fence wire, Honda GX11.0 (6KVA) generator (working), Leaf Blower 2000 watt, Snowy chains (suit VL commodore), Assorted irrigation/plumbing fittings, Irrigation pipe, Assorted sporting equipment/games, Assorted painting/tiling equipment, Music stand, Cement mixer, Fire hose, Assorted household items, Large lounge suit (1x 3-seater + 2x 1-seaters), Sleigh bed (single), Pine sleepers, Assorted metal, Indoor house tiles, 3x chairs.

R. WHITTAKER: Karcher Pressure washer, 3KVA petrol generator, Pope whipper snipper, 6x Assorted power tools


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