Auction Services

Nick Kirshner is a licensed stock and station agent and accredited auctioneer who has experience in all aspects of the auction process.

NICK KIRSHNER Property & Livestock promise the following:

  • To provide a professional, law compliant, thoroughly researched auction.
  • To respect the instructions of our clients, and act in their best interests at all times, representing them in a professional manner.
  • To maintain a freshness and excitement in the auction process to keep all attendees, including agents, vendors, purchasers or competitors, animated and interested at all times.
  • To be well respected by our clients and peers.
  • To exceed expectations on every level and constantly strive for excellence.
  • To always maintain a professional and respectful relationship with all those that we have dealings with.

Why choose Nick Kirshner?

Nick has a comfortable and relaxed relationship with people, which puts others immediately at ease, so it is little wonder that he has found himself at the auction podium, where trust is paramount. A background in so many fields has given Nick a great advantage above others. He is self disciplined, self motivated, professional and above all, has the distinct and unique talent of being able to read a face. He is devoted and genuine, priming him for success in everything he tackles. With such a diverse background, Nick has acquired a genuine talent to relate to all walks of life. Just like no two properties are the same, neither are two vendors or purchasers. To be able to instill trust and confidence in others is paramount in this emotive and competitive industry.

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