After 145 years of collecting Antiques, Collectables, Vintage Tractors & Farm Machinery, all was sold at the onsite (and online) clearing sale.
it was a mammoth day of auctioneering but NKPL's 2 auctioneers Aaron Mackay and Nick Kirshner kept the crowd engaged throughout the day. There were 759 lots sold with 148 registered bidders. Many compliments were received throughout the day on how well run the sale was and how friendly, efficient and knowledgeable all the NKPL crew were. There were plenty of smiles all round and as always the crowd was kept well fed and watered by Tony and the team at Roses Restaurant.

Commencing at 1pm, select items will be offered both online and onsite via the NKPL website, with pre-bidding available in the lead up to the sale. Items being offered online can be found on the NKPL website under Online Auctions!

Venue 51 Brooklands Road, Wallaroo NSW 2618
Account K Southwell
Inspect 8am on the the day or as otherwise pre-arranged
Register 8am on the day or via pre-registration To pre-register for this auction, please contact our office, supply a scanned copy of your driver's license.
Auction Commencing at 9am | Saturday 26th of March 2022 | Itemised online and onsite sale commencing at 1pm
Catering Provided
Terms Bidding card system | ID required
Payment & Pickup On the day
Payment Methods

Cash & Bank Cheque or Personal Cheque (Must be pre-approved). EFTPOS facilities may be available on the day. To register for pre-approval to pay with a Personal Cheque, please click here.


Please refer to terms and conditions


Stationary Engines - Restored (R)/ Unrestored (UR) Buzacott 2C engine with pressure pump (R); Sundial type A 4hp engine (R); New way type C air cool engine (R); Buzacott 3hp tank cooler (R); Early Buzacott engine hopper cooled (R); Farm pumper engine (R); Hecules/Emu Stationary engine (UR); International stationary engine (UR); Ronaldson Tippett engine (UR); Moffat engine (UR); Buzacott 4hp engine with cooling tank (UR); Book American gasoline engines CH Wendel; Lister L 5hp screen cooled (R)
Vintage Tractors & Implements American road plough; English horse drawn cultivator; 3PL jib crane; Antique hay rake; 3PL ripper x 2; Three furrow mould board plough x 2; Five furrow mould board plough; Sundercut plough; May Bros harvester; Sunshine harvester; Sunshine No2 header; Proline post hole digger; Fordson Super Major 1962 tractor; Allis Chalmers 1943 WC tractor; Timber trailer; Allis Chalmers American Model B tractor; Fordson tractor jack; Horse drawn scoop; Harrows; Deering binder; Ferguson 3PL draw bar; Scrap binder
Machinery/ Farm Items Budenberg pressure gauge; Brass Vulcan sign; Large Budenberg pressure gauge; Pressure gauge x 2; Gas regulating gauge; Drip oiler x 2; Early Lister handpiece; Burgon and Ball shearers wash tins x 2; Brass fire nozzle; Brass sheep brand; 3 tonne wagon jack; Wooden propeller; Large dog trap; Steelyard scale; Brass and copper fire nozzle; Insulators; Coopers powder dip tin; Truck mirror pair; Large cast iron Furphy wheel; Honda CT 200 farm bike; Grain dryer; Trolley cast iron wheels; Rotary hoe with Honda motor; Dog run; Antique portable shearing stand; Antique shearers gear; Antique drenching guns; Early Lister handpieces; Lamb marking gear; Antique veterinary syringes; Hand drill x 2; Stihl whipper snipper; VHF radio; Cast iron sunshine gate 12ft x 2; Cast iron sunshine gate 10ft x 2; Farm box trailer; R Hunt & Co horse works; Antique chaff cutter; Air tank; Air tank with pressure gauge; Concrete mixer; Grain auger; Heavy steel cable; Lamb marking cradle x 2; Concrete pipe; Overhead diesel fuel tank with meter; Finsbury centrifugal pump; Winnower; Hargan saw; Seed grader/cleaner; Bay vue pressure spray pump; Hand feed mil x 3 – green, black & red; Chaff cutter small; Rabbit poison mixer; Mann green bone cutter; Enterprise grinder; Corn sheller; Gallagher Super 60 electric fence energiser; Gallagher M120 electric fence energiser; Gallagher High Power E12 12 v electric fence energiser; Wide Grind portable crutcher; 50:1 gear box; Concrete sprayer; Finsbury pump; Brass centrifugal pump; Pair cast iron wheels; Large flat belt; Assorted flat belts; Leather belt; Honda firefighting pump with hoses; Pester rester; Billabong type piston pump; Alpha grinding mill; 2HP electric motor single phase; Brass steam whistle; Brass drip oiler; Boat winch; Plastic water trough; 1,100L tank x 2; 1,900L tank x 2; RSJ 7m lengths 150 x 75mm; Tank; XL treated pine pole; Dean farm trailer 3 tonne; Sheep self feeder; Silo; Sheep self-feeder; Oil tanks; Square tank; Overhead fuel tank; Pair 1.8m gates; Heavy steel cable; 1.8m gate; Dog run; Plastic 200L drums; Corrugated iron tanks; Wire spinners; Cast iron fly wheel; Quantity of pumps; Quantity of V pulleys and V belts; Stationary engine stand; Electric pump; Heavy drag chain; Buzacott drag saw; 14,000L tank; Winch; Centrifugal pumps x 2; PTO gear pump & sprayer; Hydraulic ram; Meat band saw; Bearings; Pressure pump; Old trailer; Saw bench; Feed trough; Cast iron pipes; Hammer mill; Heavy screens; Daihatsu 4x4 (not running); Hardie 3PL boom spray; International bale loader; Wooden wool table; Cane wool basket; 1,000L petrol tank; Corrugated tank; 3PL 1.6m slasher; Large gate; Sheep yard panels 15ft x 10; 12 tonne hydraulic jack; Emasculator burdizzo; Foot netting; Peak Hill jetting race; Shearers grinder; Sythe; Rabbit traps; Pair Furphy wheels small; Electronic cattle scale with platform; Pair steel wheels – small, medium and large; Pair steel wheels cast iron hubs; Cast iron wheel; Animal trap; Quantities of steel items; Cage; Bore pump; Drum stand; Quantity of cooper’s dip tins; Quantity of steel posts; Down pipes & guttering; Corrugated iron sheets; Assorted flat pulleys
Signs & Maker Plates Brass Churchill Motors sign; Enamel Ampol sign; Brass Australian fixed trust sign; Tin Chev & Shell sign; American Airlines sign; Tin Caltex double sided sign; Enamel Plume sign; Tin Chev yellow sign; Brass Western Assurance Fire & Marine sign; Tin Mono Pumps sign; Tin Mono black sign; Hardi sign; Enamel Common Wealth St sign; BP Visco sign; Enamel R railway sign; Enamel oven door old parliament house; Enamel Commercial sign; Lidcombe Station sign; Railroad Crossing STOP sign; Model C Allis Chalmers sign; General Motors sign; Buzacott sign; Wells Fargo sign; Enamel Moffart-Virtue sign; Great Western Railway Smoking sign; Enamel Trainmen sign; Enamel Noyes Bros sign; Cast iron Beware of Trains sign; ORIGINAL Cast iron Marshall & Son THRESHING MACHINE sign; Enamel Stop Trains sign; Large Shell sign; ORIGINAL large enamel Museum Station, Sydney sign; Cast iron STOP sign; Arnott’s sign; Manchester and Liverpool sign; Burgon sign & wheel; 31 x boards with various plaques; Railway Works Ipswich sign; Brass DO NOT SPIT sign; Brass Hartford sign; Large brass Beyer Peacock sign; J. Smith sign; Belliss & Morcom sign; DMR sign; Brass S A & H Kell sign; Brass Fowler sign; IXL sign; Brass Beyer Peacock sign; Robinson Bros sign; Horse rake sign; Wertheim sign; Massey Harris Lid; Ransomes head sign; Brass Vulcan sign; Sunshine tin sign; Plastic Shell Dome; Cast iron NOTICE sign; Sunshine sign; Shell sign black; Motor Oil sign; Arnott’s sign; Shell spirit sign; Farmall red tractor sign; T. Craines sign; Old style stock ahead signs; Stock ahead signs; Enamel inflammable liquid sign
Lamps Lucas King of the Road; Dependence England; P&H lamp; H&B lamp; Indiana Lamp Co USA; brass Veteran car tail light; Lucas King off the road x 2; German bike lamp x 2; P&H Dictator England; Lucas Calcia King; Millers Monarch; Kerosene bike lamp x 2; Premier Miners lamp; Dew R Lite gas miners light; The Premier gas miners lamp; Pinnacle gas miners lamp; Miners safety lamp; Carriage lamp x 3; Lamps – brass, black, red, silver; Veteran Gas Motor Cycle lamp with generator; Black out torch; Red PMG; Silver CDW; Red ACTEA; Black candle stick holder; Tilly lamp; Folding travel light; Tin lamp; ORIGINAL light fittings from Old Parliament House; Small gas lamp; Brass candle lamp; Brass candle stick holder x 6; Gas light x 2; Brass miners lamp – small; Pair Deutz driving lamps
Vintage Car Parts Early NRMA car badge; New Zealand AA Car Badge; NRMA car badge x 2; English AA Car badge; Chevrolet 4 hubcaps x 6; Holley carburettor; Hubcaps x 3; Klaxon horn x 5; Early car light bulb container; Early car spot light with mirror; Exhaust whistle; Chevrolet 4 carburettor; Smith’s tachometer; Large police siren; Police motor cycle siren; Carburettor; Exhaust cut out; Vulcaniser x 2; Early car side light; Windshield demister; WW2 car black out lights; Tan seat belts x 3; Spark plug air pump; 1940/50s English police car bell; Brass fire extinguisher for cars; Brass siren; Sydney bus hand signal; Truck hand signal; Dodge Bros kick plate; Chevrolet kick plate x 3; Early car windscreen post; Chevrolet 4 kick plate; 2 Gal Shell can; 2 Gal light shale oil can; ACT number plate; Drive-in theatre speaker; Drive-in theatre heater; Tyre snow chains suit Model T Ford; Hub caps; Car radios; North east starter generator x 2; 12 volt spot light; QLD Auto club badge; Vintage car spot light; Vintage bumper bars; Vintage car head lights; Large quantity of early car magazines; Book Dykes Encyclopedia 20th edition 1943
Railway Collectables NSW Railway signal lamp; Tasmanian Railway signal lamp; Arnold & Sons Railway signal lamp London; Large Railway signal lamp x 2; Railway Carriage lamp x 2; Railway Signal Post Finial; Railway Signal Arm; Signal Arm; Double Railway Station Lights; Railway Points Lever; Cast iron railway crossing sign with triangle; NSW Railway linesman portable telephone; Copper railway water bottle wall bracket with bottle stopper; Brass railway water bottle bracket with bottle, stopper and tumbler wall bracket; Railway water bottle with stopper; NSW Transport department padlock with key; Up Home sign; Westinghouse Brake Compound gauge; ORIGINAL NSW Railway Carriage photos x 3; Ticket punch; Original NSWGR Mirror; Brass NSWGR luggage rack x 2; Heavy brass brake wheel; NSWGR monkey wrench; OLD Railway spanner; Tasmanian Railway spanner; LOCO spanner; Small railway stove; Tram bell; Air horn; Railway trike fuel container; VIC Railway stretcher; Large red railway signal light; Brass QLD railway padlock; Timber railway platform sign; Large railway clock & key
House & Garden Brass spit jack; Stove top decoration; Marble top table; White garden light; Brass fire dogs; Small chrome table with veteran car; Cane trunk with tin lining; Copper keg; Large bottle with tap; English beer pull; Mrs Potts iron; Flat iron x 2; Charcoal iron; Iron stand; Cast iron legs x 4; Boot puller; Boot last; Frying pan; brass drench gun containers; Brass grain sampler; Brass gun powder flask; Beacon light stove door x 2; Advance Australia stove door; Cast iron fountain; Branding iron – D, H, IX; Copper dipping powder box; Bellows; Sythe; Grain bag closer; Bullock bell x 2; Stone ink bottle; Pottery crock; Copper fire extinguisher; White jug; Bullock yoke; Figure 8 convict hand cuffs; Edwards tea tin; Griffiths Bros tea tin x 2; Griffith Bros tea tin with original 1930s tea leaves; Bed pan; Marble bottles; Drunken bottles; Bottle from Kadina; Early beer bottles - numerous; Glass bottles; Port crocks x 2; Hand grinder x 3; Sunshine butter churn; Shoe last; Brass candle stick; Pressure lamp; Lamp base; Cork screw; Bean slicer; Edison wax cylinder records; Speakers; Sharp Bros crock; Crock vase; Crock jug; WW2 belt and water bottle; Tin baby bath; Tin tub; Tea pot; Ink bottles; Antique fire tongs; Tin trunk; Bread tin; Kerosene heater; Childs scooter; Kodak autographic brownie folding camera with case; Kodak folding camera with box and instructions; Kodak fold camera; Yashika 35mm camera; Kodak camera with case; Zies camera flash; Wooden child’s high chair; Kitchen scale; Round tin; Convict bed; Child’s potty chair; Steel trunk; Office chairs; Fridge; Fire wood racks x 3; Roll top desk; Verandah lacework & brackets; Cast iron chair ends x 4; Wood shelves with newspapers; Stove top; Mail boxes with keys; Movie reel container; Wooden snowflake box; WW2 wash trough; Cast iron baths; Enamels baths; Cast iron bath legs; Lister cream separator; Kangaroo butter churn; Large bellows; Fowler vacola preserving outfit and bottles; Eathen ware drench bottle; Mounted bull horns; Antique sieves; Convict bed; Rifle scabbard; Assorted household taps and fittings; Marble botte, Boulder WA Shear top ink bottles; Hills hoist; SS sinks; Wattle park church pew x 2; Red bricks x 180; Scott Bonner mower; Aluminium windows; Ekco radio; Mullard radio; Golden Voice radio; Wind up gramophone; Assorted model cars; Early shaving gear; Cast iron double bed; Dressing table swivel mirror; Earthenware crick; Large display case; Desk; Pressed metal sheets; Industrial light shades; Decorative cast iron; Bread tins; Crock pot; Monkey tail well pump; Malven star bike; Speedwell bike; 24-inch bikes; Curled steel; Fence batons; Toboggin; Copper; Wheelbarrow; Kitchen cabinet lead light window; Hedge trimmer electric; Chrome Laminex table; Metal trunk; HMV phonograph; Garden seat; Fire brassiere; Slatted door x 3; Antique cast iron beds; Telephones; Shelves made from petrol boxes; Reem hot water system; Marble wash stand; Husqvarna ride on mower; Cedar decorative brackets; Red cedar door; Pair of bay windows; Large antique suitcase; Cane trunk
Iron Seats/ Tank Lids Ship tank lid – yellow, red x 3, dark red, blue, black x 2, lemon; Ship tank table lid – blue, green, red; Implement seat bar stool – blue, green; Implement seat – 472, Golden City Bendigo, HV Mackay, red x 2, blue x 3, yellow x 2, Hornsby x 2, Gibbin & Co, cream, Harvey, May & Miller, green, Noxons, Blackstone, Albion, Caston Bros, Howard, black V38, orange
Workshop Blow lamp x 3; Locomative oil can; Oil can x 3; Kays oil can; Wood planes – numerous; Funnels; Rebate plane x 2; Vulcaniser; Grease guns & oil pourer; Small spirit level; Boards with early spanners x 3; Leather knife; Brass stirrup pump; Mobile & Redex cans; Deusol 5 gal can; RPM 4 gal can; Esso oil tins x 2; Cooper milk oil fluid tin; Victa mower fuel tin; Golden fleece oil tin; Rover mower fuel can; Castrol oil tin x 2; Oil tins x 3; Caltex grease & Mobil oil tins; VHS two way radio; Mower/binder knife sharpener; Regent & Mobil oil can; Double pulley; Coopers Si Ro Mark tin; Steel shed door with frame; Ammunition box; Hand mitre saw; Hand post drill; Timber extension ladder; Grind stone; Black smith forge; Battery charger; Ryobi cut off saw; 9 inch angle grinder cut off saw; Sher drill press; Red and blue 2 gal cans; Honda generator; Larger offset vice; Electoral box; Concrete brick mould; Hydraulic engine crane; Trewhella Wallaby jack; Antique metal lathe with attachments; Blasting gun for log splitting; Brass release valves; Antique brass rev counter; Ferguson tractor spanner; Antique oil cans; Whitworth spanners; Blue Pennant Kerosene tin; Assorted spanners; P & N metric tap and die; Assorted hinges; Red shelving; Band saw; Display case blue; Antique wood lathe; Drip torch; Assorted timber; Ballot boxes x 4; Heavy car ramps x 4; Steel wedges – assorted; Drum stand; Shell grease tin; Assorted tools; Anvil, approx. 50kg; Assorted blacksmith tools


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