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Waterous fire engine, Stock saddle (unmarked), Carlyle NZ wool press (circa 1880's), Bathurst-Berrima Gaol jacket, Bathurst gold escort wagon (circa 1865), John Bellamy of London sailing ship container tank lid, collection of antique wooden & stable doors off Parramatta Court House, blacksmith sign, Assorted timber slabs, Assorted antique doors, Pioneer exhibition sign, Assorted harness, Assorted buggy & wagon wheels, Assorted leather ware, Replica cobb & co. coach, Wooden model ship, Assorted antique hand tools, Assorted sides of leather, assorted antique wooden boxes, Assorted old lanterns, Collection of antique saddle racks, Various glass display cabinets, 2x antique counters from Old Kiandra Hotel, Assorted antique bric-a-brac, Several mouldboard ploughs

Collection of assorted timber from historic buildings, saw blades (to suit large timber bench saw), pony mill, Antique ladder, Wooden skis from Kiandra, Assorted coach parts, Assortment of antique trapping devices, Cobb & co. coach plans, Cobb & co. print, Antique heel chains, Assorted sundries, Coke (smithing charcoal), Several meat safe's, Assortment of ropes, Various leather used to make springs for cobb & co. coaches, Antique tin wash basin, Assorted hand shearing stands, Copper, Blacksmith tools, Repair link for bullock chain, Assorted branding irons, Assorted Shingle froes, Maul rings, Miners picks, Blacksmith fabricated items, Buggy shafts, Tennis court roller, Cast iron pots

Tree canoe, Possum skin rug, Aboriginal coolamons, Aboriginal boomerangs, Aboriginal woomeras, Aboriginal relic boomerangs, Aboriginal clubs, Aboriginal throwing clubs, Aboriginal throwing sticks, Several collections of Aboriginal rocks, Aboriginal child's shield, Aboriginal child's Coolamon, Aboriginal child's woomera & spear, Aboriginal ceremonial stone, Aboriginal spear made from horse's shoe, Aboriginal stone axe, Aboriginal steel tomahawk head, Aboriginal steel tomahawk, Possum skinning stones, Aboriginal hand stone axes, Aboriginal glass knife, Aboriginal shield, Aboriginal non-returning boomerang, Aboriginal lil lil, Aboriginal pestle, Various aboriginal grindstones (various materials), Aboriginal string bags, Aboriginal women's digging stick

Assorted saws, Mitre box, Assorted tools, Antique buggy seats, Grace Bros. LTD Clothes mangle, Cast iron bucket, Pitchfork, Assorted sickles, Number of cheese press', Antique wagon hubs, Assorted Cast iron wheels, Old-fashioned fencing tools including Antique wire strainer & brace & bit, Iron handle from miners bucket, Milk churn, Antique leg irons, 1950's style leather alpine ski boots, Antique stallion bit, Tennis net, Canvas tarpaulin, Assorted barrels, Late 1800's timber box, claw foot bath feet, Assorted Timber adze, antique wrought iron gate, assorted haems, antique baby's cot stand, hardwood workbench, tin basin, antique empty drench drum, Timber ammunition box, Speaker from gramophone, Antique picnic box, Antique ammunition box, Assorted antique locks
Assorted tin coffin ornaments, Gold pan, Antique records (pre-vinyl), Antique sewing machine, Assorted collectables, Bullock dray, Woodworking tools, Antique irons, Assorted cabinet-makers planes, Assorted vices & workshop equipment, Cast iron camp ovens, Cane knife, Timber explosives box, assorted antique timber lids, Condamine bells, quart pots, antique sleigh conversion for 4-wheeled buggy, hand forged rakes, Cottee's passiona branded timber box, Little's powder poison sheep dip, antique timber shipping box, wrought iron mosquito net hoop, antique butter churn, display stand, shingle froes & droppers, shingles, grinding stone, assorted handmade wedges, assorted handmade hoes, antique vices

Antique card filing drawers, Pack horse saddle pad & canvas nose bag (Australian Army issue), Antique ski rack out of Hugh Quail collection, Antique low built racing sled, Antique wooden skis (originally from Kosciuszko Chalet), Early 1960's skis & poles, Assorted 1920's bamboo ski poles, assorted old wooden skis, School port, Museum signs, Billy tea box, Antique hessian bags, 1940's ski poles, Crocodile skin, Antique timber oil box, Assorted tins, Rope, Antique hand drill, porcelain jug, assorted kitchen ware, antique mirror, several antique potties, farrier/blacksmithing tools, antique tennis racquet, gaff, antique hand shears, assorted hand tools, assorted straps, antique tin watering can, Cottish Australia butter box, cast iron bath, porcelain batteries, larvacide poison box, antique tiles, assorted files & rasps

handmade snowboards, antique box's, assorted gunsmith items, massey fergusson scoop, electric cement mixer, antique timber tool box, antique manual fuel pump, antique cast iron camp oven, antique wire strainer, rm Williams saddle dressing, pistol holster, assorted leather straps, antique ornamental dresser (not complete), antique drenching gun, antique iron on stand, bit for brace & bit, kerosene pumps, canvas fire hoses & brass fittings, rustic timber table, antique meat clever, antique knife, antique steel, wooden pulley, antique bucket handles, antique scales, assorted collectables, allowrie butter box, (massey) fergusson fly wheel driven bench saw, antique hemp ropes & pulleys, school case, scooter, 1970's bicycle parts, cultivator points, outback tea box,
303 ammunition box, antique firefighting equipment, antique chairs, antique butter press, antique rabbit fumigator, antique miners lantern, carriage wheel forms, original port Arthur face mask, plume motor spirit enamel sign, commemorative coronation booklet (king Edward VIII), happy valley harvest photo, depression age clothes pegs, granit top bench, homemade furniture, sheep dipper, buggy shafts, antique drench gun, concrete laundry trough, 

old handmade cupboard, antique canteen, antique Stockholm tar tin, wooden box, antique shearing hand piece, antique farrier pincers, antique tin basin, old chairs, wooden bread bin, antique sugar & flour tins, timber pulley, wrought iron bars, weight for scale, grate out of fireplace, canvas water bag, sugar bag, antique jail door, wrought iron beds & antique portable camping beds (retrieved from alpine hut on snowy plains), white wash, counter weights for sash windows, poison cart, antique bed base, assorted pipe fittings & tools, painters tressle, antique wagon season, assorted wrought iron wheels, shearing stand, bookallils cordial box, assorted 90's collectable skis, assorted scythes, milk churn, assorted timber box, assorted poly fittings, assorted cast iron sundries, chaff bag holder, parts of cheese press, hand shearing machine (incomplete), stand for cooking pots, antique water pump, machine used for removing corn from the cobb, casting mold, lead bars for horse work, parts of shearing plant, antique wheel barrow wheel, tue iron, cast iron control wheel, wooden clamp, butter churn (minus stand), tin of French chalk, mortice machine, hotel light bracket, bullock chain, gold panning pans, carbide lights, fergusson pulley for saw bench, brick layers hod

P&N Die Set (wentworth NF), bucket of nuts & bolts, antique leather leggings, greenhide rope, ploughing reins, shell dressing from WWI, Depression era wire clothes pegs, commemorative coronation booklets + napkins (King George & Queen Elizabeth I era), meat pess, school slate, antique coat hanging rack, antique lemon squeezer, assorted antique "how-to" books, Sydney 1921 directory, assorted antique farm implement catalogues, south-coast & tablelands phonebook 1940, 1939 Calendar from Delegate, stallion bar, butter box, assorted leather goods, antique leather doctors bag, antique collar box (and collars), antique flour bags, antique leather bags, antique handmade soap, antique mannequins, antique hat rack, antique hat box, antique children's toys + items, large canvas mountain scene backdrop, assorted function chairs

antique women's clothing, antique singer sewing machine, antique pre stainless steel table knives, wooden tea boxes, bullock horns, assorted sizes of glass display cases, antique Canadian club sign, arms rack from Goulburn courthouse, miller jumbo kerosene lamps, saddle leather from Quail saddlery, Alaskan salmon barrel (USA 1899), griddle iron, pot cradle, cast iron witches style pot, adjustable fire hangers, cast iron kettle, assorted camp ovens, fireplace pot stand, hanging frying pan, cast iron fireplace back plate, fire dogs, cast iron cooking utensils, cast iron kettle with tipping arm device, blacksmith cupboard, glass case doors from the Australian museum in Sydney, Hercus lathe, ffergusson made blade, peg board panels, hillside reversible disc plough, nara overlocker sewing machine, antique office safe, antique shearers table, locally made kitchen dresser, wooden filing cabinet, glass case from old store at Kiandra, Perspex display cases, wooden kitchen dressers, colonial made office desk, cedar chests, assorted coach lights, assorted carbide coach lights, cedar book case, cedar chiffoniere, rolls of leather belting.

Waterous Fire Engine

Berrima Bathurst Gaol Jacket
Further Photographs
Statement of Significance - Pt 1
Statement of Significance - Pt 2
Statement of Significance - Pt 3

Bathurst Gold Escort Wagon - Circa 1865
Wagon Info

C. WILSON: 20L (yellow) rheem diesel jerry cans, 10L (black) rheem diesel jerry cans, 20L (red) rheem petrol jerry can, large plastic tool box, Aluminium tool boxes, Steel esky, Hilux steel rim, Siemens 1500 watt heaters, Siemens 1000 watt heater, Sokkia dumpy level/tripod, Triton supa jaws, Triton multi stand, Folding vice table, Metal folding saw horses, Hi-lift 4WD jack & base, Wagner airless spray gun kit, Various garden equipment, Tile cutter, Assorted clamps, Assorted plastic ROLA storage cases, Paslode framing nailer & nails, Ceiling & wall plaster board lifter, Stell mesh floor stands, Large steel/mesh rack, Aluminium rack w. wheels, Trolley hand truck pneumatic wheels, Honda WX-15 water pump & suction hose, Selection of Nokian WR225/50R17 98V XL snow tires (under 4000kms of use), Makita router, Makita belt sander & belts, Makita metal cut off saw & spare blade, Multiple packs of Makita sandpaper, Makita bench grinder.
G. DUFFY: Lifting straps, Various large wheel pullers & adapters, 200L oil/diesel pump (compressed air driven), Various air fittings, Camlock fittings to suit water pump, 1.5 tonne tail gate loader.
D. TRAPPIT: Stihl MS311 Chainsaw
B. MACPHERSON: 2004 Ford F250 XLT Extra Cab 



These aboriginal artefacts have been part of a private collection since well before 1970, and have been purchased, and or otherwise acquired by the current holder of the collection prior to this time.  These items were part of an earlier Supreme Court injunction, the case of which has now been dismissed and the court has cleared these items for sale.

For further details and documentation regarding this matter, please see below:
Letter from Dr Tracey Avery - Director of Heritage Division
Letter from The Hon Greg Hunt MP - Minister for the Environment
Supreme Court Documents - Notice of Motion Sept-2015 
Case Dismissal / Finalisation

Items Brochure View PDF Brochure

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